Meet the MS Community

Meet Dave

How a 38 year friendship inspired an organisation to Ride for MS Queensland!

Dave Bradford is the high-spirited Team Captain of the DaVange Care Team, a group dedicated to making a difference in the fight against multiple sclerosis.

For Dave, the MS Brissie to the Bay isn't just a cycling event; it's a journey of compassion and solidarity with the whole community of riders who take part in this iconic ride. This year marks Dave’s third year of participation, and his story began in 2022, when he joined forces with his lifelong friend, Jason. Jason's dream of riding in the event, despite his visual impairment, inspired Dave to join him as his guide through the 50-kilometer route.

Motivated by the spirit of the event and the impact it had on Jason, Dave founded the DaVange Team, a diverse group of individuals, some with disabilities, all united by a common cause to join the Ride to Fight MS. To ensure everyone could participate, Dave enlisted the help of Everybody E-Bikes, who generously provided e-bikes and trikes for the team. In 2023, the team grew to 12 participants, including Dave's dear friend and employee of DaVange Care, Sherree, who battles MS herself along with friends and family members.

Dave, his wife Ange and Jason at the ride

“You and your mates can also inspire more people to get involved! Let's saddle up, and let's ride together towards a world free from MS.”

But Dave's vision doesn't stop there. With a goal of 20 team members for this year's ride, he aims to amplify their impact and raise $20,000 for MS Queensland, envisioning a Diamond Team Retreat  to celebrate their success!

Dave has some advice for those considering joining the cause.

“I highly encourage everyone to join in; the atmosphere is incredible. The community is warm. And crossing the finish line? It's an emotional experience with the Cheer Club and the welcome of friends and family waiting to celebrate with you. You gain as much out of it as you put in!”

And for corporate teams, he highlights the amazing team-building potential and the positive impact on employee well-being. Dave shared that his staff were talking about the event for months after, which we loved hearing!

Dave’s passion also extends beyond the pedals; and he shares some of his hot fundraising tips too:

“Think outside the box; sometimes, a simple initiative can lead to raising funds. We are putting in place a can and bottle collection at our NDIS residential houses and will recycle for change to raise funds.

For executives and CEOs– tap your networks, if you support others ask them if they’ll support you. Make sure you share it with your company and on LinkedIn.

Host networking lunches or breakfasts – ask a company to sponsor the event that covers the cost and ask people that attend to donate.”

DaVange Care team members - Sheree and her family after they finished their amazing ride!

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