The 2020 MS Brissie to the Bay scheduled for June 14, will no longer go ahead in its current format. As this 6-month campaign is a critical fundraising event to raise funds for vital service delivery, the event will now proceed as a virtual ride. 

We believe that we can still deliver a great experience for those people already registered and are calling on you to still ride with us during this tough time, to ensure no Queenslander faces MS alone

What's a virtual fundraising event?

A virtual fundraising event involves you registering, fundraising and taking part in the cycle challenge in your own time and place. The 2020 MS Brissie to the Bay 30 for 30 Challenge will still take place through June, however you are able to take part at a location and over a course (indoor/outdoor) that suits you best. You may be isolated but you won't be alone. Thousands will still ride along with you, just in our own locations. Your fundraising still goes towards vital services for people living with MS, particularly at a time when service demand is likely to increase, due to COVID-19. 

What if I'm not interested in doing a virtual ride?

We understand this change to our event format will not suit everybody. That's absolutely fine if prefer not to participate. We really hope to see you at the start line again in 2021. 

Why aren't we postponing?

In line with the federal and state government restrictions being rolled out to contain COVID-19, and the highly unpredictable nature of this pandemic, the event will not be postponed. Instead, we are proceeding with a virtual ride and campaign and believe we can still deliver a great experience to all registered participants. 

Can I request a registration refund?

Registration fees are generally non-refundable. If you would like to talk to us however about a refund plesae email events@msqld.org.au. All registration fees will be used to help deliver critical services through this tricky time for our MS community. We can also transfer your registration fee to a tax-deductible donation if you prefer. 

We believe we can still deliver a great experience through a virtual ride and are proceeding with this format for the 2020 event. Demand for services goes up in a time like this, not down and this event is now more important than ever before to ensure no Queenslander faces MS alone. 

How do I set my distance goal?

Setting your distance goal is quick and easy - simply follow the steps below:

  • Log in to your fundraising dashboard on the MS Brissie to the Bay website
  • Click on the ‘My Fitness Activity’ tab
  • Set your distance goal
  • Make sure you hit save changes at the bottom of the screen

How do I create a Strava or Fitbit Account?

For automatic fitness tracking on your dashboard, we recommend using either a Strava or Fitbit account. Strava is a free online tool that you can use.  With Fitbit, you will be required to have a Fitbit device, and when setting this up you will be provided with the instructions on how to set up your app. 

Simply follow the steps below to set up a Strava account:


  • Simply download the Strava App using the Apple or Google Play store
  • Set up your account using your email address and password
  • Completed your Strava profile and get ready to log those Kms!

How do I connect my fitness app to the MS Brissie to the Bay page?

To connect your fitness apps to your MS Brissie to the Bay page, simply follow these steps:

  • Log into your MS Brissie to the Bay page and select ‘My Fitness Activity’ on the dashboard navigation bar
  • Select your preferred App by clicking on their respective buttons under where you set your goal and follow the prompts
  • Log into your Strava or Fitbit account and click ‘Allow’ to connect your MS Brissie to the Bay page
  • On your next ride, track your workout using the Strava or Fitbit App on your phone. Afterwards make sure you save your workout and the distance will be added to your distance total (allow 24 hours)

How do I record my fitness activity manually?

You can add your km’s cycled directly into your MS Brissie ot the Bay page using the ‘My Fitness Activity’ tab on your dashboard navigation bar, simply scroll down to the 'Add Activity' section and enter your ride information. Be sure to hit 'save changes' to ensure the km's you cycled are added to your page!

How can I sign up?

The best way to sign up is online. Registering online reduces administration costs, which means more support for people with MS. Should you wish to register offline, please contact us on 07 3840 0828 or events@msqld.org.au.

How do I set up a Team Payment Code?

A Team Payment Code enables your company to pay the registration cost for your team members.

If you would like to create a team payment code, please contact events@msqld.org.au or call 07 3840 0828.

Does it cost extra to register a team?

There is no cost associated towards creating a team. Simply register yourself, create a team and then round up your friends, family and colleagues to join. Everyone needs to register themselves individually, and can join the team at step 3 of the registration process

*Please note that a team payment code is different than creating a team, you would only need to make a team payment code if you are a company that wants to pay for people to enter the ride, rather than each person paying for themselves.


Does my entry fee go towards people living with MS?

Your entry fee goes towards supporting the associated costs of running a large month-long campaign. This means we rely on you to raise much-needed funds for the 4,000 Queenslanders living with multiple sclerosis.

All money raised by our riders in the MS Brissie to the Bay 30 for 30 challenge goes directly towards changing the lives of people living with MS

Is fundraising compulsory?

The MS Brissie to the Bay is primarily a fundraising event. By registering, you are joining a group of like-minded individuals coming together to change the lives of those living with MS. We ask each rider to raise $250 to improve the lives of people living with MS. Fundraising can be as easy as sending a couple of emails, and sharing your fundraising page on social media.

All it takes is 10 people donating $25, or 5 people making a $50 donation. We recommend to start early and give yourself the most amount of time to raise your funds.

We are here to support you and help you reach your fundraising goal. Please reach out to us at events@msqld.org.au or 07 3840 0828 for fundraising support.

What if I don’t reach the minimum fundraising target?

There is no penalty for not reaching the $250 fundraising minimum, however as your registration fee helps cover the running of this essential fundraising event, donations you receive will support the increasing number of people living with multiple sclerosis. We will provide each rider with all the personalised support they require to reach their fundraising goals.

Our goal is to raise $1.1 million this year to continue to support the growing number of people in Queensland living with MS and we cannot do it without this event and the public’s support.

I want to fundraise but don’t know where to start. Where can I get info?

It’s wonderful you would like to fundraise to help the thousands of Queenslanders living with MS. We recommend personalising your fundraising page with a photo of you. This shows your supporters they are supporting YOUR ride. We also recommend updating your page with why you are riding. Are you upping your cycling and taking on the challenge of riding a longer distance? Or do you know someone who is living with MS, and you are riding to support them. The more you explain why you are riding, the more generous your friends and family will be.

The next step is to start asking people (family, friends and colleagues) to sponsor your ride. We find email works best! An email (we have templates already written, simply log on and check out your dashboard resources) to all your friends, family, colleagues and other networks can raise hundreds of dollars very quickly. Also asking for sponsorship on Facebook is an effective way to make a difference. We are here to help coach you through any fundraising methods. Most of the people you ask will need a reminder – don’t be afraid to ask a second time. People genuinely do want to support you, and simply may have forgotten. We also have some resources and downloads to help you reach your fundraising goals. If you require any further assistance, please contact us on 07 3840 0828 or email events@msqld.org.au and we will be more than happy to help.

How can I bank my cash donations?

There are a number of ways you can bank any donations you receive via cash and cheque/money order. Click here for more information.

Will I receive a receipt when I donate to a rider/ team?

Any donation of $2.00 and over is tax-deductible. If you donate online, a receipt will automatically be emailed to you. You may request to appear anonymously. If you prefer to donate to a rider with cash, the rider can bank this cash into their own account and add it as an offline donation on their fundraising page.

Please ensure they are supplied with your details for receipt purposes, i.e. First Name; Last Name; Email;.

What does the fundraised money go towards?

All money raised by our riders in the MS Brissie to the Bay 30 for 30 challenge goes towards providing programs and support to the thousands of Queenslanders living with MS. This year we are aiming to raise $1.1 million to help fund vital support services such as counselling, wellness programs, advocacy and an information line as well as exciting new research projects exploring possible causes and a cure for MS.

Learn more about MS

I've raised enough money to qualify for a fundraising incentive, how will I get my prize?

That's wonderful! Thank you so much for your fundraising efforts for people living with MS! All fundraising incentives will be posted directly to you, at the address you provided as part of your registration. This will happen around the beginning of June for those that reach these fundraising milestones before the challenge commences, and again at the end of the month, once the challenge and fundraising is complete.

If you would like to update your address, you can do this by logging into your fundraising page and going to the 'My Account' section. 

General Event Information

Will I be covered by insurance in case of an accident?

You are NOT covered by MS Queensland for injuries if an accident occurs. Prior to the event, we recommend you become a member of Bicycle Queensland which will cover you for personal accident insurance. Your property is also not covered should any damage occur whilst taking part in the event. Bicycle Queensland also offers property insurance should this be of interest.

How can I find out more?

If you need any further information, please contact the MS Queensland Events Team via phone or email:

Phone: 07 3840 0828 | Email: events@msqld.org.au

I've purchased merchandise, will I still receive this?

Yes, you will still receive any merchandise you've purchased for the event. It has been advised that all merchandise is on track for production and delivery. All merchandise orders must be placed by April 1st and will be mailed to you prior to June 1st, in order for you to have this before you commence the 30 for 30 challenge. 

Event Sponsors

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