Honours Club


What is the Honours Club?

The ‘MS Brissie to the Bay Honours Club’ exists to recognise those who have ridden year after year and gone above and beyond in their fundraising to help ensure that no one faces MS alone. 

The Honours Club is a special group of people who have gone above and beyond in their participation in MS Queensland’s MS Brissie to the Bay bike ride.

What started as a small ride, turned into a movement. A community of like-minded people coming together to join the fight. All to help raise funds to support those living with MS now and to ensure those diagnosed tomorrow don’t have to face it alone.

For many, the event is now far more than a ride. It’s a day of hope and celebration. For many, the ride gives purpose to each day that precedes and follows the event itself.

To become an Honours Club member, riders must individually achieve one of the following:

  • Have participated for 10 years (does not have to be consecutively) and have raised at least $2,500 during that time.
  • Have raised $50,000 throughout their time participating in the ride
  • Have raised $75,000 throughout their time participating in the ride
  • Have raised $100,000 throughout their time participating in the ride

When each person is inducted, they will be presented with an ‘Honours Club’ cycling cap and pin, to signify their Honours Club achievements and membership into this very special club!


Adrian Slootjes Emma Nicholls Keith Jarrott Peter Choy
Alan Bartlett Fiona O'Brien Ken Mullaly Peter Cummings
Alan Duffield Frank Breedveld Kerrie Jones Peter Evans
Allan Carseldine Gareth Seed Kerry Buchanan Peter Gehrke
Allen Scott Gary Denman Kerry O'Neill Peter Hall
Amanda Henderson Geoff Green Laurent Gras Peter Howes
Andrew Graham Geoff Weatherburn Leeanne Axelsen Peter Josefski
Andrew Mclay Gerard Briody Lesley Manski Phil Meyer
Andy McLay Gerrit Teunissen Lewis Cheers Philip Hyam
Angela Connolly Gerry Milligan Linda Tucker Phillip King
Ann Stephens Giles Cheers Lisa Dalgliesh Ray Parkin OAM
Anne Dixon Gordon Dobson Lisa Peine Reid Arkinstall
Anthony Ponomarenko Gordon Melvin Louis D'Souza Richard Buchanan
Anthony Rafter Grant Friedlander Lyndsay Edser Richard Marshall
Arno de Jong Grant Parsons Maciej Ciez Richard McKeon
Ashley Bachmann Greg Campbell Mal Bryant Rick Gillow
Ashley Dahms Greg Edmunds Malcolm Coulter Rick Terpstra
Barry Cronin Greg Gammie Malcolm Hobb Rob Brown
Barry Watson Greg Morrison Mark Bowman Robert Dixon
Beth Nicholls Greg Powell Mark James Robert Forster
Bill Loveday Guy Burgess Mark Luft Robert Gordon
Brad Hiles Hayden Mcdonald Mark Stein Robert Phillimore
Brad Swan Hilary Doman Mark Young Rodney Elvin
Brendon Robards Ian Lamb Mary Kirk Ron Brennan
Brent Elder Ian Morrison Matt Nielsen Ross Burkitt
Brett Elder Ian Pfeffer Matthew Edwards Ross Galbraith
Brian Mitchell James Garrity Matthew Foote Ross Huntley
Bruce Cook Janet Craig Megan Conlon Ross McMurtrie
Bruce Steele Janet Edmunds Michael Burns Russell Campbell
Bryan Costin Jason Contarini Michael Green Russell Dunster
Bryan Skinner Jason Hansen Michael Hammermeister Russell Lyon
Cameron Todd Jason Willows Michael Lusic Ryan Britton
Caroline Brooks Jeff Maddalena Michael O'Flynn Simon Fisher
Cathy Gleeson Jeff Moo Michael Royal Simon Gleeson
Charlie Bennett Jeff Townsend Mike Montefiore Simon Hoadley
Chen Chin Chan Jeffrey Goode Mike Rendell Simon Hoadley 
Chris Murfin Jenny Goodwin Mike Robinson Stephen Walsh
Chris Newland Joe Callaghan Mitchell Hale Steve Chase
Colin Pesch John Anger Murray Peat Steve Nielsen
Colin Thompson John Blackley Natasha Eaton Steven Gaydon
Dan Lape John Fairbairn Nick Cassidy Steven Hogg
Darren Spies John Haley Nick Costello Stuart Harrigan
Darryl Huntley John Madigan Nick Stevens Sue Prince
David Cantwell Jonathan Loraine Nigel Keith-Walker Terry Wood
David Edwards Jonathan Scott Patrick Pearl Tim Class-Auliff
David Moody Joseph Baszcz Paul Flanders Tim Hedley
David Ross Joshua Hardy Paul Gordon Tim O'Maley
David Ryland Josie Potter Paul Newman Tonti Connolly
David Speare Julian Moore Paul Roberts Tracy Fox
David Teys Julie Waldron Paul Smart Troy Jeffery
David Whyte Kate Gray Peter Adkins Vince Gunton
David Wilson Kathryn Madigan Peter Bates Wade Elofson
Deborah Kelly Keith Cockburn Peter Campbell William Brewster
Edward Salmon

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