How Your Fundraising Helps

Imagine waking up not knowing whether you will be able to cross the road, go to work, or look after the kids today. Every case of MS is unique, and the symptoms, severity and progress of the disease are different for everyone. MS can affect the brain, spinal cord and optic nerves, and can cause problems with vision, balance, muscle control, and other basic body functions.

At MS Queensland, we provide care, support and hope to ensure no one has to face MS alone. Right now, the future feels more uncertain than ever.  It’s thanks to you, we can provide some essential certainty for the MS community. The certainty that we will still be there for them.

Why funraising is Important

The associated costs of staging such a large public event are covered by the payment of entry fees. This means we rely on fantastic individuals like you to get involved and help raise much-needed funds for the 5,500 Queenslanders living with multiple sclerosis (MS).

MS is one of the most common diseases of the central nervous system. It may affect the brain, spinal cord and optic nerve and impacts more young people in Australia than any other chronic neurological disease. The term multiple sclerosis means ‘many scars’ and depending on where those scars (lesions) develop, they result in various symptoms.

All money raised by our participants in the MS Brissie to the Bay goes towards changing the lives of people with MS. We provide programs and support for people living with MS including social support programs, physio, exercise and occupational therapy, counselling, attendant care in private homes and support workers across Queensland.

Click here to meet some inspirational people who received the devastating news of an MS diagnosis, how MS Queensland support them and hear what motivates them to live each day with positivity.

How can I help?

You can kick start your fundraising in 2 simple and easy steps:
  1. Make a self donation! Once you start, other people will follow and,
  2. Ask! There is no harm in asking people for donations. If they arent able to  - thats ok! But you will be suprised at the amount of people who are happy to help! 
You can read more of handy fundraising tips and tricks here!

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