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Help celebrate 30 years of the MS Brissie to the Bay bike ride by sharing why you ride.
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"Being welcomed into a community of people, all there to help fight MS and show their support to people like Meg."
Andrew Mill, Husband of Meg Mill

Tribute Wall

Olivia Buist

I am riding to say a huge thank you to MS QLD for all the help they gave my family and I after my 2017 diagnosis. It was a very scary time but the kindness and direction offered up by MS QLD was extremely comforting. This is my second year riding and will continue to participate however I can to pass on my gratitude.


I've been riding this ride almost from the start, I've seen it grow over the years from a large group to where it is now with 1,000's of riders. It is an honour and a pleasure to ride to help raise awareness and vital funds for MS.


It's my first ride - I signed up to be part of a team with some work colleagues. My best friends Mum had MS, so as well as being a challenge to train and ride the distance, fundraising and awareness for MS also has a meaning personally for me.

Gerard Roborg-Sondergaard

I am riding and raising funds for people like Meg and everyone else I know in their fight against MS.

George Kunowski

Have a think about it, all of us are affected by MS we either have ourselves or we know someone who has. Let’s ride to Fight MS

Charlie Bennett

i am doing this because i hate this a$#e of a disease...MS QLD needs help to help people like my little Ferret fight this thing....


I hope that we can continue to raise and everyone can continue to raise as much money as possible.


The work of MS Queensland has been an amazing support for myself and others living with MS.


For those who suffer and struggle with this illness, they do not do it for only one day, but they do over months, years or even the rest of their lives.


My beautiful daughter, Bridie was diagnosed with MS in 2018 and that has obviously been an extremely important and significant event in our whole family’s life, so I am event more passionate and enthusiastic about Brissie to the Bay now.

Team Hurting Bad

I’m riding for my wife…I’m riding for my mum…I’m riding for my sister…and I’m riding for me.


We need to support all those living with MS.


Through the virtual event, we can still keep the spirit of the community alive through the 30 for 30 initiative.

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