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I was diagnosed with MS in 2018.  I had been living with symptoms since ~2015.  Basically, MS is where your own immune attacks the nerves in the brain & spine (Central Nervous System). Signals from the brain are then disrupted resulting in a host of symptoms which can effect every part of the body.  I had electric shocks down my spine, pins & needles, numbness, cognitive and memory issues, chronic fatigue and more...   

The last few years have been a pretty bumpy ride... kinda like the Brissie to Bay!  A diagnosis, immunosuppressant treatment, a relapse and then switching to another type of invasive/higher risk treatment. Unfortunately, earlier this year I had a couple more 'attacks'.  Blurred vision and a numb hand proved difficult... but having treatment to kill off white blood cells in the middle of COVID-19 a little more stressful.

Disease progression is inevitable and some people go though several types of treatment with no success.  It is a scary and sad thought to know your own body is the cause.  

All of the above makes me want to fight harder  to raise awareness and funds for those who need the support more than I do. 

I have seen first hand how your donation makes an immediate impact to the lives of people living with MS and it really is appreciated.

Did you know:

  • On average, more than 10 Australians are diagnosed with MS every week
  • The average age of diagnosis is just 30 years of age
  • Three out of four Australians with MS are women

Your support will help fund essential services like physiotherapy, occupational therapy, counselling and symptom management, as well as MS research to look for better treatments and ultimately a cure for the disease.

Please DONATE  or JOIN THE NESSCAPADES to help ensure no one faces MS alone.

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Thinking of you always Ness, and in awe of your personal achievements, your will to keep pushing and your dedication to raising awareness! Xoxo


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