Mark Elvery

I am taking part in the 2024 MS Brissie to the Bay to join the fight against multiple sclerosis.

Together, we are raising funds to show our support. Your donation will make a huge impact to change the lives of people living with MS.

Did you know:

  • On average, more than 10 Australians are diagnosed with MS every week

  • The average age of diagnosis is just 30 years of age.

  • Three out of four Australians with MS are women

Your support will help fund essential services for almost 5,500 Queenslanders living with MS. These services include our NeuroAssist information line, specialist nursing services, wellness programs, and financial support. Your support will also power research into better treatments, and with your support, our hope is that one day there will be a cure for MS.

Please DONATE to support our ride to help ensure no one faces MS alone.

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No virtual ride needed

GREAT  NEWS! – Kevin will be able to do the ride on the day. So I will be able to do the bike transporter plus a 30 km ride the week before. WaHoo!

2024 MS Brissie to the Bay bike ride

2024 MS Brissie to the Bay bike ride

Well, this year will look a bit different. We are unable to do the bike transporter on the day this year. So, I have built up my endurance and strength to be able to regularly ride 30 km in any one sitting on my MotoMed. So instead of doing the ride with me sitting on the bike transporter and Kevin doing 25 km, I will do a virtual 30 km ride of ME doing the pedalling. Then we will still have the team doing various distances on the day as well.

Something I have been working away at since last year’s ride, is a continual ride from Brisbane to Melbourne (1928 km). As of February 23 (the day I registered officially) I have almost reached Noorinbee (1467 km) with 461 km left to reach Melbourne. This will be my training goal. And then, 30 km on the day. I think I will do more than Melbourne. My goal is to circumnavigate Australia over the next 3 to 4 years. After Melbourne, I will see how far I get on the way to Adelaide. Then it will be the long trek over the Nullarbor plain to Perth in 24/25. I should make the Kimberleys for the ride in 2026. Then it will be over the top of Australia and back to Brisbane. This has been my training regime this past year.

If you would sponsor us for the bike ride this year, it would be greatly appreciated. Our goal is $5000. On the day, there will be Adrienne, Nathan and Matthew riding with Team Elvery. The week before, I will complete a 30 km virtual ride after reaching Melbourne on my year-long training excursion.

To donate, log into our Team Elvery MS Brissie to the Bay webpage, and select the rider you want to sponsor and follow the instructions after selecting “DONATE”.