Delan Ajero

I am taking part in the 2022 MS Brissie to the Bay to join the fight against multiple sclerosis.

Together, we are raising funds to show our support. Your donation will make a huge impact to change the lives of people living with MS.

Did you know:

  • On average, more than 10 Australians are diagnosed with MS every week

  • The average age of diagnosis is just 30 years of age.

  • Three out of four Australians with MS are women

Your support will help fund essential services for almost 4,000 Queenslanders living with MS. These services include our NeuroAssist information line, specialist nursing services, wellness programs, and financial support. Your support will also power research into better treatments, and with your support, our hope is that one day there will be a cure for MS.

Please DONATE to support our ride to help ensure no one faces MS alone.

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Nevien Badawi

Good luck with the walk Delan, great cause!!


Saba Maroun

Well Done Delan. Great Cause.


Will Mays

A great cause Delan, great stuff!


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great cause and effort mate. go get 'em!



Nice work Delan !


Shaq Bhai


Lisa Gooch

Awesome stuff D!


Tony Mahony

Have fun on the ride let me know how the hill goes at the end.


Johan Bruce

Great sport to raise funds for MS - I hope you reach your goal!


Amy Sevilla

👊🙌🚵 I am amazed of your great passion for cycling but I am all the more happy that you are doing it for a good cause. Good work Delan. I am here to support you always. ♥️Tita Mamu


Rachel Catague

Go go go!!!!


Maricar Pedrosa-ajero

Great work! Love you! ❤️ #cyclesafe




Adam Kong

Go Delan!!


Lance Clark

Love the spirit Delan, I'm sure you'll nail it!


David Kemp

Well done Mate! lets go for a ride when we all return to the office.


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Top work Delan!!



Good luck sir


Miguel C.

Good Luck :)


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Reveal the secret :P


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Good luck Mate!


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Keep going🚴‍♀️.


Charmaine Foo

Keep it up Delan! - Love seeing you active and passionate about something.


Loi Du


Frank Hill

Good work mate

My Updates

Quick Update 8/3/2022

Quick update:

Before anything else, my prayer and thoughts go out to the people of Ukraine. I hope and pray that this conflict would end soon. Also, to everyone who have been impacted by the floods here in Queensland and New South Whales, I hope you are also safe and keeping yourselves dry. I am grateful we live in Mt Gravatt was not affected by the floods apart from minor water seeping into our basement room.

During the rain bomb week I was on my indoor trainer, combination of simulation rides on wahoo and zwift though nothing really beats being out and about. At the time of writing, majority of the Riverloop sections in Brisbane is still not passable, heavy clean up are in progress.

Regarding our fundraising campaign, we are getting close to our dollar target of $1500. Thank you again for everyone who have participated by sending in their donations and support to this cause. We are less than 100 days away from the event, there is still time to send in your donations through. With the current situation, I have slowed down the campaign hoping to ramp things up once everything has settled.

Unfortunately, I have not been on the saddle for the last two days and projecting would not be back on it for the rest of the week to allow my body to recover. Since the start of the year, I have been doing RED challenges and ran with it for two straight months, last Sunday after cycling close to 40Kms I have decided to play some basketball in the afternoon which I haven’t done in a very long time. Woke up the following morning very sore particularly the lower back and just in bed hoping to get back to work tomorrow (Wednesday).

Plainly just a miscalculation on my part and learning not to abuse myself and allow myself to rest. 

What I have learnt from my first 100km ride this year

Lets get to it…

I have been reflecting on the things I’ve learnt when I did my first-century kilometer ride here in Brisbane earlier this year. The intention is to use that learning for this year’s Brissie to the Bay ride and hopefully help you if you’re planning to do your own century ride or if you have done one, improve on your next one. 

Mind you they are not all original, these are things I’ve learnt from my mentors, fellow enthusiasts, many hours of watching youtube and being on the saddle. 

Let me start off with what I think the most important one for me


“Whether you think you can or you can't, you're right” - Henry Ford

“Therefore we must pay close attention to what we have heard, lest we drift away from it” - Hebrew 2:1

I believe this is the very hurdle that anyone should deal with when it comes to doing long distance rides especially if this is your first time or you rarely save these rides for special occasions. If you are the type that verbalizes to people you are going to do it when you’re ready or you give all sorts of reasons or conditions before doing such a feat then you’re not doing yourself a favor. As the famous tag line goes “just do it” and believe in yourself that it can be done. Of course, mindset wouldn’t be enough to get you across the line. No matter how much I tell myself I can do it but I do didn’t do the rest of what I’m sharing to you now, I still wouldn’t be able to ride 100kms which brings me to my next learning…

Have a training plan

Just remember, if you want something done or aiming to achieve something, you will not wake up one day and realize you can endure hours riding your bike reaching 100kms. It can apply to other things like confidence, competence or other skills you would like to have. It takes planning, effort, patience etc. Prior to riding my first 100kms this year, I had to figure out a way to build the distance. 100kms means being on my bike for hours which also means I need to be comfortable on the saddle for hours. 

Knowing that I only have Saturday mornings to do long rides, I had to carefully plan those days. Being very intensional with how many kilometers I need to do building up the distance from 20, 50, 70, 80 then 100kms and beyond. I do love taking videos and photos of my rides and post them but they come secondary and just focus on the volume of the ride. 

Plan your route

It may sound common sense but I realize it is not. I have known other people thinking riding aimlessly would eventually lead them to their 100km. Don’t get me wrong I am not saying you won’t reach it doing it this way but it is just not very strategic. 

For me, I would want to reach 100kms in the most efficient way possible, which means I know where I am going and I know what to expect especially if something happens. For Brissie to the Bay, part of my training plan is I intend to ride some sections of the course. Fortunately for me I have a Wahoo Smart trainer at home where I can simulate certain routes. Not everyone may not have this option but everyone can definitely try out sections of the course prior to the event itself. 


I have bonked, in fact I have bonked multiple times back when I was still riding my MTB in the Philippines. As the saying goes, insanity is when you expect a different result doing the same thing over and over again and I was like that. 

I started to take feeding (including hydrating) seriously during my rides. Before having my bike computer, I would set a timer on my phone every 30 minutes reminding me to either eat or drink. With the Wahoo, I set off alarms whenever I would hit 30kms as a reminder. Do not wait to be hungry or thirsty, stay ahead of the curve.


I will never forget the very first time I had my flat here in Brisbane without my tools. It is true what they say, it is something that you won’t ever forget. Since then I will never leave home without at least the following:

  • 2x spare inner tubes

  • tyre pump

  • 2x CO2

  • patch kit

  • compact toolkit

  • chain quick link

Support Group

This includes loved ones and friends who are there to support you throughout your journey. I am just blessed to have cycling mentors around me who have previously done cycling events and have imparted their experience and tips to improve my riding skills. My partner who in all honesty was the real catalyst why I started cycling again.

As far as my fundraising campaign for Brissie to the Bay is concerned, the overwhelming support I have received and still receiving from friends and work colleagues is unexpected but very much appreciated. All the more I am inspired and motivated with what I am doing. 

Lastly, Have Fun! It is not worth it if you are not having the time of your life!

Fundraising for the very first time

I would have to start with a disclaimer or maybe change the title of my blog to fundraising in Australia for the very first time. 

I will be honest, I am not typically the asking type. Ask all of my friends especially my folks and partner, I am so shy even to just walk up to a person and talk about anything. I shy away from crowds and think that I have nothing interesting to say. 

But here I am, personally writing emails to my friends and family asking for their hard-earned cash to donate for a cause that most of them aren't even aware of. I started asking myself, how come the shyness disappears? I realised that what I am doing is not about me or has nothing to do with me. It is all about the cause, and the cause is bigger than myself, big enough to conquer fear of asking, fear of putting my physical self to ride a 100kms, fear of failing or falling off my bike (though I have become good at that as well). 

They all vanish whenever I think it's not about me...

Trivia Time!

Did you know...
+ My very first in-person interview for an IT role in Australia was with MS Australia. I applied as a system's engineer, unfortunately I didn't get the role but learned so much from that interview.
+ I used to cycle to and from work back in the Philippines (40km+). Cavite to Manila, rain or shine on my MTB. I stopped riding when I went to the US (Connecticut) as most of the roads were not bike friendly.
+ When I arrived in Australia, I lived in West End and my first job was a kitchen hand for a local coffee shop and would ride my bike to and from work along the Brisbane river from 5:00am
+ I bought my first 2nd hand bike from my former boss (from the coffee shop) for $500 paid in installment of $100 per fortnight till fully paid. Up to this day, I still have that bike as my wife's MTB.
+ My love of cycling got re-ignited just last Sept 2020, when my wife bought a 2020 Specialised Xirrus X from a FB marketplace seller who originally bought a watch from. 
+ I am still trying to figure out how to ride my bike with both hands not touching the handle bars.
+ In a span of 5 days, all on separate occasions: I broke multiple spokes, a crank arm fell off, had a crash, and fell of my bike.