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Sponsor me to support Queenslanders living with MS.

I am taking part in the 2020 MS Brissie to the Bay bike ride to join the fight against multiple sclerosis. I am raising funds to show my support and your donation will make an impact to change the lives of people living with MS.

Did you know:

  • On average, more than 10 Australians are diagnosed with MS every week
  • The average age of diagnosis is just 30 years of age
  • Three out of four Australians with MS are women

Your support will help fund essential services like physiotherapy, occupational therapy, counselling and symptom management, as well as MS research to look for better treatments and ultimately a cure for the disease.

Please DONATE to support our ride and help ensure no one faces MS alone.

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Lucy Hempenstall

You legend! All the best 👍


Ben Buffington


Jess Klein

Expect to see you quadruple them quads Benjamin!


Ross & Julie

Nearly there, well done!


Coral Buffington


Sinead Buffington

I want you to know this is from my personal bank account


Will Nicol

Brisbane deserves to see those legs on a cold winter morning. Keep it up!


Ben Wilson & Tara Roberts

Great job mate. Look forward you seeing those pins this weekend! Ben & Tara xx


Savvy T


Jack And Niamh


Emma Taylor

Fries make bigger thighs



Absolutely huge effort matey!


Aidan And Stacey

Some lyrics to help you on your way... Round round wheels going Round round round Down up Pedals going Down up down But I got to get across to The other side of town Before the sun goes down.


Megs Ahlbetg

Go you good thing !!!!🥰🥰


Rebecca Miskin

Good job Benny!


Veronica Taylor

I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike, I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride where I like


Siobhan Taylor

Have you tried electric scootering 750kms?




Emily Shao

Very impressed Ben Buff! Great cause but howthe heck do you still have hobbies haha


Hannah Johnson

Goooood luck! 🚴🏻‍♂️


Siobhan Taylor

I would like another shout out, please and thank you. Perhaps my own dedicated Instagram story? Much appreciated. Sincerely, ST.


Julie Holding

Push on!