What is the 30 for 30 Challenge?

21 Apr 2020

What is MS Brissie to the Bay 30 for 30 Challenge?

The 2020 MS Brissie to the Bay looks a little different! Here’s how you can still complete a challenge to fight MS!

Set your distance goal

Even though we can’t have the gathering of over 5,000 riders in the way we’ve done it for the last 29 years, we want you to get out and cycle in the month of June to smash your distance goal.

We know that the MS Brissie to the Bay is iconic for taking in the sights of Brisbane, from the bustling inner city, alongside the Brisbane river and out to the east to the take in the sights of Moreton Bay – and we want to make sure we capture the vibe of the traditional ride this year.

If you live near the course, you can still check out some of the landmarks on your daily ride; but for other riders, you can just jump on the bike and check out the area around you!


The MS Brissie to the Bay is committed to raising $1,100,000 to fight MS in 2020.

We know that it might be difficult to get out and do sausage sizzles or trivia nights currently, but we know firsthand that there’s an endless supply of generosity to support you and to help raise vital funds for support and services for people living with MS. We see it every day with supporters at MS Queensland.

Check out our tips on how to fundraise virtually and have your supporters cheer you on (even if they’re at a distance!)


We know that it might be hard to jump on the bike, without the flurry of thousands of other riders around you at the starting line; but it’s vital to keep going on your ride to fight MS for the Queenslanders living with multiple sclerosis and your supporters who are backing you every step of the way.

Once you’ve set your distance goal, it’s time to get pedalling! Whether that’s planning a cycling route to smash it during your 30 days of June, or by getting on a stationary bike to pedal in place.

Can’t make it out of the house? We’ve put together some ways to creatively get to your distance goal.


In times when we’re isolated, it’s important to reach out to others so we can all support each other.

If you’re disconnected from your regular riding pack, get on the socials and be each other’s accountability coaches: celebrating the wins and lifting each other up when one of your team can’t make it out on the bike.

It also lets your supporters (and anyone who doesn’t know about your 30 for 30 Challenge yet) keep in touch and take the journey alongside your ride! We know that riders who share their training along the way gather support and end up with 4x more on their fundraising page at the end of the ride: imagine the impact you can make with your friends and family behind your ride all the way!

As always, please check the latest public health updates from the relevant authorities, keep to the left when riding on the road and stay safe!