How do I ride in a virtual event?

18 Apr 2020

Stuck at home? Can’t make it on to one of the courses? Here’s how you can still power through your ride to fight MS!

The MS Brissie to the Bay has gone virtual for it’s 30th anniversary – and that might have left you wondering: how can I still complete my challenge ride?

We’ve got some tips on how you can still get those kilometres in and smash your distance goal!

Stay-cation: Checking out the neighbourhood

Take yourself back to when you got your first bike when the training wheels came off: the freedom of being able to go wherever you wanted (as long as you were back before the street lights turned on!).

It’s time to rediscover your neighbourhood again, get out the maps (on your apps or go back and recreate our original riders training planning from 1990 and find it in the back of the phone book) and plan a route that will get you out of the house for your thirty minutes of exercise a day.

Check out how many challenges you can set for yourself around your local: find a hill to conquer, pick out a landmark (the park, your local shops) and find five different ways to zig zag the streets to get there or, of course, if you’ve got a bike path or track close by: take advantage of that!

Keep moving while Stationary

Do you remember that static bike you bought years ago – maybe you’ve seen one in your parent’s garage next to some cobwebbed 80’s exercise videos? It’s time to drag it out and fire it up again!

Of course, if you’re stuck in the house, but you’ve already got a bike – you can pick up indoor bike trainers that connect on to your back wheel so you can cycle in place. Some even come with training apps and varying levels of resistance so you can replicate the hills of your usual MS Brissie to the Bay ride (OK, you don’t strictly have to!).

Can’t cycle right now? Train up for when you can!

While current conditions keep a lot of us inside, you can still train up for when you can get back on the bike and take a longer ride in the great outdoors.

You don’t have to go hard like you’re about to enter the next stage of the Tour de France, but keeping active at home can make sure that you’re not just stuck in your office at home, or on the couch!

Training your core with exercises like crunches or planks as well as strengthening muscles in your thighs like your quadriceps and your hamstrings – as well as some general cardio to improve your endurance – will help you get stronger for your next cycle!

You don’t need to take on some hardcore fitness video or sign up for a trendy app; incorporating a workout into your normal routine may feel a bit silly at first, but with all the gyms closed: we’ve got to get creative!

You can try lunges on stairs at home, or just do a couple of sets of star jumps out in the garage.

It’s all about what you’re comfortable and can safely take on at home; and remember, rest is an important part of any fitness program – set a limit for sets and repetitions and don’t overdo it!

As always, please check the latest public health updates from the relevant authorities, keep to the left when riding on the road and stay safe!