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Sponsor me to support Queenslanders living with MS.

I am taking part in the 2020 MS Brissie to the Bay bike ride to join the fight against multiple sclerosis. I am raising funds to show my support and your donation will make an impact to change the lives of people living with MS.

Did you know:

  • On average, more than 10 Australians are diagnosed with MS every week
  • The average age of diagnosis is just 30 years of age
  • Three out of four Australians with MS are women

Your support will help fund essential services like physiotherapy, occupational therapy, counselling and symptom management, as well as MS research to look for better treatments and ultimately a cure for the disease.

Please DONATE to support our ride and help ensure no one faces MS alone.

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Thank you to my sponsors


Janette & Betty King

Well done Rob. Great dedication to a wonderful cause.


Sam King


Doug And Karen King

Well done and enjoy the ride - wherever it takes you.



Well done Rob, what you do is fantastic


Steve King

Go for it Robbie, I really appreciate your efforts and support.



You’re a champion Rob!




Simon George

I have looked forward to seen how much you have ridden each when I log onto face tub each day. Great effort Rob


Prabh Singh

Great Cause and love your dedication. Best wishes


Doug And Karen King

Rob, well done on reaching 1000 kilometres and for going the extra distance for a worthwhile cause. As you have added a bit extra to your target, we have also added a little bit extra


Lillian King

Well done Rob! Such an amazing effort and a great cause


Stuart And Kim Ralston

Special cause supported by an outstanding human. We love you Rob!


Kantha Rao Sajja


Robert King


Marty Sudhaus

Doing a great job Rob.


The Whole Body Concept


Sivaram Kondireddy

Great Work Rob!


Wonder Weddings Canberra

Go Rob! You’re such an inspiration 😃


Maria & Gary

Good on you Robbie! Great cause, great effort.


Russell Maddalena

Inspiring to watch! great effort Rob.


Vivienne Doogan

Keep going Robbie - you are doing amazing work for a great cause.



Fantastic. Keep up the good work.


Kalpana Vemala

Great work!!


Tijo Varghese


Ej Kurtz

Well done Rob


Steph Drew

Great effort and great cause.


Tracey Thompson


Sandra Henderson

Inspiring... thank you


Tania Megee

Great Cause, wishing you a safe ride.


Bindi And Jas

Woot well done dadda!! Happy riding


Patrick King

Awesome work Rob!!!


Meredith Canaan



Cycling is so hard, the suffering is so intense, that it’s absolutely cleansing. The pain is so deep and strong that a curtain descends over your brain….Once; someone asked me what pleasure I took in riding for so long. ‘PLEASURE???? I said.’ ‘I don’t understand the question.’ I didn’t do it for the pleasure; I did it for the pain.


Craig Tarrant

Good effort. Worthy cause.


Heide Jenkins


Andrew Eime

Train well and enjoy the ride!!!


Sandy Swift

Great job Rob. You are amazing.




Harsha Sura

Hi Rob, I really appreciate your efforts and hope you reach your goal soon. Cheers...


Diane Sudhaus


Haritha Lanka

Great Work


Dani Jamieson

Go go go, Rob! Awesome job!


Joanna Kulasingham

You are an inspiration Rob :)


Sarah Lewin


Gayle Weatherall

Great work Rob


Amit Malhotra

Keep up the good work Rob.


Gary Moyle

Onya Rob


Ms Tracy


Guy Tadeje


Pavithra Pampati


Radhika Sharma

My Updates

Day 13 - The big day, My 130km challenge

Today is the day to do the planned ride. Sunday is forecast rain most of the day with string winds.

Woo Hoo ! Completed a challenging ride 1,000 vertical metres and 130km riding to Terranora, Murwillumbah and BurringBar Range to Ocean shores and return via Fingal Heads.

Day 12 - Taking it easy

Saturday is now the day to do the 130 km challenge, Sunday is looking wet all day

Day 11 - Just in Case

Taking it easy - Just in case the weather is good on Saturday and need to do the 130km ride

Day 10 - Starting out with rain ending with a Personal best

Today started out with rain and ending up with a personal best in to 50-60km ride. I managed to do a 55 km ride in under 2 hours. It shows you can have a good day when you least expect it.

Day 9 - honest hard work

Day 9 with a strong southerly made it hard work and the legs are a little tired.  This is what people with MS can feel most days after a short walk or exercise.  We are all helping to makes their lives easier. Thanks for supporting a worthy cause.

Day 8 - insurance for the rainy forecast

Today was extra KMs (76 in total) just incase I stay in, with a rainy forecast for the rest of the week. a bit slower pace after the big effort for me on the weekend.   
I hit my $1,200 goal thanks to the amazing support from everyone. A really Big thank you to all.

Day 7 - checking out the endurance levels after 100km

I was surprised how well I could follow up with another ride after doing a 100km test run. I managed to a few personal best recorded on Strava,  Really stoked that I am in the top 20 riders.

Day 6 huge effort practice for next week end

Testing out my endurance after the fall. I am really happy with progress. the 100km today places me in the top 15 riders for the Challenge.  Feeling good about the planned 130km next weekend.  A big thank you to everyone for your encouragement and support.

Day 5 - ramping up to get ahead

Today was a good day, setting a two hour target, really happy with 51 kms. Amy Gillett was my first fund raising ride. I made it to the 250 club.

Day 4 - back to Normal

A quick 40km to maintain my average and keep on target for 1,200km

Day 3 - taking it easy

After the trip to the hospital yesterday. It's off the the bike shop for a new helmet and a gentle ride.  Feeling every bump today.

Day 2 - Hmmm a bit interesting

Feeling great after 40km and planning to do another 20km, came to a sudden stop and earned a free trip in an ambulance to the hospital for X-rays.   Rider recovering well, Bike needs tender loving care and a new helmet to follow.  Back in the saddle tomorrow

Day 1 off to a flying Start

Getting ahead of my 40km/day average just in case I can't ride for a day. Happy with 66km