Fundraising Idea | Virtual Dinner Party

18 May 2020

Dinner is served…virtually laughing

Who doesn’t love a dinner catch up with your nearest and dearest? Make it virtual!

Whether you are practising your audition for the next season of MasterChef or whipping up a favourite home meal- host your own virtual dinner party and boost your fundraising!

Make a night of it and set a theme for the evening… extra points for decorations and costumes.

Here’s a handy how-to guide to ensure virtual dinner party success!

Inviting your friends:

  1. Pick the date and time for your dinner party
  2. Put some thought into the evening, create a theme, set a menu- you could even design an e-vite! (or go digital and create a Facebook event, make it feel like a real dinner party and give your friends an easy way to find your FUNdraise for MS Queensland page)
  3. Think about a donation amount to join the dinner party! How much would a dinner at an exclusive restaurant cost? Ask you guests to donate $20 (or more!) to attend your virtual soirée.
  4. How much are you wanting to raise? And how many guests do you need? (If you are wanting to raise $200, you’ll need 10 of your friends to get involved)
  5. With a restaurant so popular, you need to book ahead! Ask you friends to make their donation before the night. This gives you the chance to let them know how much you raised and thank them at dinner.

Set the table:

  1. A few days before your event, send around your menu recipes, so everyone has time to get their ingredients and set aside some cooking time.
  2. Now you have picked your date and time, set up a Zoom meeting. (Feel free to use another video software if one suits your team better!)
  3. Send around the meeting invite to all your participants, if they do not have Zoom, they can download it for free here.
  4. When it’s dinner time, just click the meeting link in your Zoom invitation and the Zoom application will automatically open on your computer, laptop or phone and your Zoom meeting will begin.
  5. Top Tip: Let your guests know what time the courses will be served and if there is a pre-dinner cocktail (recommended)! You can have a pre-dinner chat and make sure everyone is ready to serve at the same time. Bon Appétit!

Get social! Share your snaps from your virtual dinner party online and encourage others to donate in support- we are sure you would see a few extra donations come through.