Creating an AWESOME Cheer Club video | MS Brissie to the Bay 30 for 30 Challenge

02 May 2020



  1. Don’t overthink how it’s filmed. Just use your phone. Be sure to clean your lens on either the front or the back to avoid any unwelcome smudges!


  1. You can take your video using the reverse camera (selfie style) or you can always get someone else to film if you prefer.


  1. Try to have it so the camera is level with your eyes and you aren’t looking down or up at it.


  1. Think about what’s in the background of your film. You can film indoors or outside.


  1. If you do choose outdoors, it’s best if it’s not too windy or noisy – do it at a time of day when traffic is low.


  1. Film somewhere with natural light – indoor lighting can cast weird shadows!


  1. Please film using the landscape mode – this allows for easier translation to emails and social media

    Landscape laughing Portrait frown

  1. Be sure to switch off recording mode before saying anything else!


  1. Smile and be yourself. Have fun and remember, if you make a mistake, you can always start again!


Thank you from all the MS Brissie to the Bay team for taking part in the virtual MS Cheer Club and helping to thank our wonderful participants!