Fundraising Idea | Paint & Sip

18 May 2020

Host your own Paint & Sip! ?

Now’s your chance to unlock your hidden artistic potential and channel the great Bob Ross! Did we mention that there is also wine involved? Create your own virtual fundraiser by hosting a paint & sip from home!

All you need is a YouTube tutorial, a video chat, a group of your closest friends and a few bottles of wine!

Here’s our step by step guide on hosting your own paint and sip night!

Organising your class:

  1. Pick the date and time for your paint night!
  2. Set your donation amount- paint and sip classes are usually $50+, so aim high and ask your friends to make a similar donation to your FUNdraise for MS Queensland page!
  3. Invite all your nearest & dearest- (top tip: set yourself a target of what you want to raise for the evening, and how many people you need to get involved)
  4. Ask people to ‘book in’ to the class by making their donation on your page. Ask them to do this before the class, this lets you see how much you have raised and thank them on the night!
  5. Find a paint tutorial on YouTube- we recommend Angela Anderson’s tutorials! She is easy to follow along with- a bonus for all those beginner painters…. She has a video for all abilities:
Beginner Intermediate Advanced

It’s paint time!

  1. Once you have picked your date and time for the paint & sip, set up a Zoom meeting. (Feel free to use another video software if one suits your team better!)
  2. Send around the meeting invite to all your participants, if they do not have Zoom, they can download it for free here.
  3. When the time comes to host your Paint & Sip, just click the meeting link in your Zoom invitation and the Zoom application will automatically open on your computer, laptop or phone and your Zoom meeting will begin
  4. Once everyone has joined the call, get your wine at the ready, start the tutorial and get ready to make Bob Ross proud!
  5. TOP TIP: Ask everyone to open the YouTube paint tutorial, but mute the video. As the host, keep your volume on so everyone is only hearing one audio! This way you can also chat while you paint and sip…