Cheer Club Thank You Posters | MS Brissie to the Bay 30 for 30 Challenge

01 May 2020

The MS Brissie to the Bay may not be on the traditional courses in 2020, but with riders everywhere signing up to the 30 for 30 Challenge to knock over their distance goals over the 30 days of June - we need you! The Cheer Club is the face of supporters on the ride to fight MS; lifting the riders and keeping them motivated until they're over the finish line!

To help support the 30 for 30 Challengers on their rides to fight MS, we would love for you to help us in saying a massive 'THANK YOU!' to all our riders, and record a message or snap a pic of yourself or your cheering crew to help us keep the riders motivated as they set out to smash those distance goals!

We've also made up a set of Thank You posters to print out and include in your photo or video. Let all our riders know that you appreciate their dedication and hard work in the ride to fight MS!

Download Thank You Posters (pdf)