Decorating your video call background

11 May 2020

Decorate your Zoom!

Are you looking for a way to set yourself apart from your friends, family or colleagues in your next Zoom meeting? Stand out from the screen with a MS Brissie to the Bay Zoom background. You can do your best pose in front of our media wall background, or take to the roads with some of our iconic course spot backgrounds- the choice is yours!

Follow these steps to use one of these awesome backgrounds…

Step one: Download your chosen background from the MS Brissie to the Bay website.

Step two: Save it to your computer in an easy and accessible place

Step three: In your next zoom meeting, make sure to join the conversation with your video

Step four: On the bottom Zoom control bar, click the upwards arrow next to the video icon

Step five: from the settings, select ‘choose virtual background’

Step six: There may be some pre-loaded images in your background menu, but to add in your own, hit the plus symbol in the top left corner

Step seven: From here, select if you want to use an image as your background and follow the prompts to where you have saved the background. Double click on the image to select it as your background and you will see the background on your camera change!

Step eight: Click the exit arrow from the pop up window and be ready to be wow all your fellow Zoom members! We are sure they would be jealous of your background!