Ride Preparation

Be prepared and get the most out of your ride for MS! Our bike mechanics will be able to help with any last minute adjustments or supplies at the start and out on the course, but it is highly recommended you visit your local bike store prior to training, to ensure you are all set up properly.


  • We highly recommend you start the event with at least one full reusable drink bottle or a hydration style backpack of water. There are rest stops on the 25km (one rest stop), 50km (two rest stops), 100km (three rest stops) & 130km (four rest stops) to top up water out on course.
  • Ensure you have collected your rider pack and rider number prior to the event. If you registered on or before Sunday 26th April your rider pack (an A5 sized envelope or a satchel if you ordered merchandise as well) will be mailed to you in May, please keep an eye out for it. If you registered after the 26th April, you will need to pick up your rider pack at one of our collection days before the ride, please find those dates here.
  • Ensure you attach your rider number on the front of your bike and your helmet sticker on the front of your helmet. You will not be permitted to ride without your rider number attached.
  • If you haven’t ridden your bike for a while, ensure you book it in for a service before you start. Like your car, your bike runs much better and is more enjoyable to ride if it is properly maintained.
  • If you haven’t been physically active for a while, it is advisable to consult your doctor before commencing any training program.
  • Check your allocated start time on the event program. Please ensure that you are lining up for the correct distance start time, if you start any earlier than your distances allocated time, the course won’t be set up ready for you.
  • It’s important to do a light warm up before the ride and stretch after it. This is crucial to being able to get back on your bike the following day.
  • Wear sunscreen, even if it’s cloudy.
  • Remember to bring your helmet, pump, spare tube, small tool kit and water bottle.
  • Be prepared for all weather conditions.
  • Drink plenty of fluids before, during and after the ride.
  • Check your tyres and brakes before starting.
  • Remember the road rules and have a great day.



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Join us in the ride to fight MS on Sunday 14 June, and help change the lives of those living with MS!

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