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Sponsor me to support Queenslanders living with MS.

I am taking part in the 2020 MS Brissie to the Bay bike ride to join the fight against multiple sclerosis. I am raising funds to show my support and your donation will make an impact to change the lives of people like me living with MS.

Did you know:

  • On average, more than 10 Australians are diagnosed with MS every week
  • The average age of diagnosis is just 30 years of age
  • Three out of four Australians with MS are women

Your support will help fund essential services like physiotherapy, occupational therapy, counselling and symptom management, as well as MS research to look for better treatments and ultimately a cure for the disease.

Please DONATE to support our ride and help ensure no one faces MS alone.

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Thank you to my sponsors


Grant Dougan

You are a legend and an inspiration Cuz! Awesome work


Emma & Chris Raethke

Go Brooke!


Wayne Dougan



Well done for all your fundraising efforts and the hard work you’ve put in for such a great cause!🤗


Emily Templeton Dillon

Go Brooke !! Proud of you xxxx


Adam Mcconville

Go team Dillon!!


Jeff Wasley

Good Luck. This is a great cause.


The Riveras

Well done Brooke! Amazing job!


Nathan Johnson

Go Brooke!


Matt Weier

Well done Brooke


Narkhunda Hightower


Terrie Templeton


Trost Crew

We think you’re amazing! xxx


Jar Add


James Dillon


Kerry Dillon

Good work Brooke


Lyndall Dougan


Brooke Dillon


Brooke Dillon


Vanya Hinton

Great work Brooke!!


Victoria Dougan

We're with you Brooke ALL THE WAY!


Colleen Rigby


Michelle Garnett

Goi Brooke! You are amazing!


Karen Searle

Keep up the good work Brooke. Fly high on your virtual bike rides!!


Maz Tretow-loof

Go Brooke Go!!


April Hoyles

Go Brooke!!! What a legend x


Paul Chesher

Brooke, all the best with your challenge and we are glad to help.


Martha Dillon

Go Brooke! ☺️👏🏼🚴🏼‍♀️


Carly, Jean, Louis And Léon


Elizabeth Johnston

My Updates

The Final Stretch

Only 6 days left of the 30 for 30 challenge!! 

With your generous support, so far I have traveled a total of 265kms, surpassing my original goal of 200kms, and I have raised an incredible $1134 - more than double my original goal of $500!! Thank you thank you thank you to all of you who have contributed to help support those of us fighting MS!!!  

Now for the final push - I have revised my goal for the last days of June to hit 400kms by June 30 and to raise a total of $1500 to help ensure no one faces MS alone!! Who's with me?? All donations received before the end of the month will be tax deductible and contribute to my total for the June 30 for 30 challenge. 

Halfway there!

15 days and 15 rides completed - solo, hauling the kiddos in the trailer, sunny, wet,'s been quite a mix, but all good fun and well worth it. Thanks to all of my supporters I've traveled over 160kms of my 200kms distance goal, and raised more than double dollars towards my fundraising goal! Two more weeks to keep on riding to Fight MS!

Day 10 - Absolutely exhausted today, but managed to squeeze in an end of day ride

Long days and sleepless nights with sick kiddos wearing me down, but jumped on the bike to squeeze in a quick ride at the end of the day and felt much better getting the body moving and the blood pumping. Rewarded with a pretty sunset, and one step closer to my distance goal!

Week 2 - Crossing bridges, reaching milestones

Over the bridge today and far away - a new week, a new ride.  

Day 7 - Racing against the sun

After a day at the beach with the kiddos, I could only squeeze in a quick ride before sundown...but that's 1 week down and over a third of my goal distance completed!

Day 6 with the kids in tow

A go-slow today with 2 little muffins in tow, but they kindly allowed mummy to 'do her exercise' before stopping at the park for a play. 

Day 5 and feeling slow

Reality check this morning - while I was looking forward to the bridge re-opening today so that I could take a longer ride....perhaps an hour of PT in the park this morning, followed by a jog/walk to Kindy and back (Ella makes us run there!), and then a 10km ride is enough for one day? And while the bridge has 'reopened', it requires hoping off and carrying the bike across - pfft, not today my friends, but maybe tomorrow :)

4 days in and 40km down the road

Despite sleepless nights, windy days, and road closures, each ride is becoming a little easier than the last and I'm reminded of how much I enjoy pushing pedals and flying along the Kedron Brook bike path. Looking forward to the bike path bridge re-opening tomorrow so I can head out to Nudgee beach and really start clocking up the kms!

Dusting off and getting started

So it's the first of the month, and my first ride in far far too long - I both metaphorically and quite literally had to dust off the cobwebs to get going. Just a short ride out to the Toombul/Nudgee Beach bike path to stretch the legs and note the distances...only 29 rides to go!